Are You Marketing To Your Entire Audience?

September 19, 2017

Today's question is: Are you Marketing to Your Entire Audience?

I recently attended a tremendous marketing workshop by Callan Rush. During the seminar she divided consumers into sections.

3% are actively looking of you. They know they need your product and will seek you out for a business transaction. This group knows exactly what product they need, they go online and do their research. They go shopping looking for the item they need and purchase it.

7% are open to buying from you but are not actively searching for you. The people in this category know they require a certain product or service but are ok with waiting until you come to them.  If they see your ad in the paper they might respond to it. The key to getting these people to buy from you is getting to them before your competition does.

30% are aware of your products and services but will buy sometime in the future. They are either saving or waiting to pay off another debt. They usually have a legitimate reason for not buying from you at this time. They key to getting this group to buy from you is to remain "top of mind". Don't let them forget you are in business and have what they need.

30%  are unaware they need you. People in this group, for example, might be suffering aches and pains but are not aware it is because of a mattress. This group requires some education. They likely don't know you exist, nor do they know you have a solution to their problem. They will need to be approached and given some information about their problem and the solution you offer.

30% are not interested. Do not try to sell to this group. The people in this group have a sore back, they know you have the right mattress for them but they aren't buying for any number of reasons. They aren't shopping and don't want you to call them.

It appears that many companies are marketing largely to the 3% that are actively seeking their products and services and are ignoring the other 67% that could potentially buy from them.

Our job as "Booya Marketers" (yes..I just made that up) is to find out where the 67% are. These are the ideal clients many businesses aren't actively speaking to. If you manage to find them and attract them, your business will soar. I did an interesting exercise with Callan at a recent seminar which proved most enlightening.  I sat down and described what my ideal client physically looked like, what he/she did for a living, what kind of house they lived in, how much they made, how many kids they had, married or single, restaurants they frequented and  did they shop at Wal-Mart or Target?  What books, magazines and newspapers do they read, what blogs interest them, and who do they follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

This exercise forced me to understand my clients and get creative about marketing to them. For example, my ideal client likely isn't into science. I won't bother speaking at science conferences or setting up a booth at science trade fairs. My ideal client is typically spiritual and focused on the environment. Those are the conferences I'll speak to and the associations I'll approach when selling my coaching program.

I encourage you reevaluate you ideal client. Are you ignoring 67% of your potential market. I hope you take a few minutes to think about this and get creative when reaching out to them.

I wish you all the best.  Keep working hard, the good stuff is just around the corner..

Booya to you my friend..



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